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Grays Harbor County Extension

WSU Extension wants to help you put knowledge to work. We are a three-way partnership of the US Department of Agriculture, Washington State University, and Grays Harbor County that delivers unbiased, research-based information and educational programs.

Office Information and Resources

Director: Dan Teuteberg (Interim)

32 Elma-McCleary Road
PO Box 3018 (mailing)
Elma, WA 98541-3018

Hours: 8 - 5, Mon. - Fri.
Phone: (360) 482-2934

Take Grays Harbor Fairgrounds exit from St. Hwy. 8, enter GHC Fairgrounds Pavilion parking lot. The office is at the east end of the parking lot.

Grays Harbor Staff:

Kymmie Foster, Nutrition Education Assistant, works primarily in East Grays Harbor County with the Food $ense Program in schools teaching nutrition education. Kym graduated from Montesano High School, and Centralia Community College.
e-mail: kymmie.foster@wsu.edu  

Gary Fredericks, Area Dairy and Livestock Agent, is located in Cowlitz County. Gary focuses on personnel management, youth programs, milking techniques, and waste management issues. Gary's responsibilities include regional issues in SW Washington for dairy and small farm production and supervision of the Extension Livestock Advisors team of SW Washington. e-mail: garyf@wsu.edu

Jim Freed: Special Forest Products Area Extension Agent for all DNR's western Washington regions. Jim provides technical assistance and supports education programs for non-timber forest producats and forestry stewardship. phone: (360) 902-1314 cell: (360)789-7529 e-mail: freedj@wsu.edu

Julie Guyton, Extension Food $ense Program Coordinator, Julie is the program coordinator for the Grays Harbor County Food $ense Nutrition Education Program and provides nutrition classes primarily for East county schools. Julie, a Grays Harbor native, graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Communications.
e-mail: jguyton@wsu.edu

Davona Gwin, Nutrition Education Assistant, works primarily in West Grays Harbor County with the Food $ense Program in schools and at various agencies teaching nutrition education. Davona, originally from the Grays Harbor area, has been providing nutrition classes through the Food $ense Program for more than 15 years.
e-mail: dgwin@wsu.edu

Dori Hagen Nutrition Education Assistant, works in the Food $ense program providing nutrition education primarily in west Grays Harbor County. Recently arrived from Alaska, Dori is also pursuing a distance ed degree in child psychology.
e-mail: dori.hagen@wsu.edu

Tracie Hanson, 4-H Program Coordinator for Grays Harbor County, works to facilitate all aspects of the local 4-H Youth Development Program. Tracie, a Grays Harbor native and 4-H alumnus, has earned an AA degree from Grays Harbor College and a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree from Washington State University.
e-mail: tracie.hanson@wsu.edu

Steve Harbell continues providing technical assistance and educational programs for the commercial fishing, aquaculture and seafood processing industries through Washington SeaGrant while he has retired from WSU Extension. Steve has a BS degree in Fisheries from the University of California, Davis, and a MS in Fisheries from the University of Washington.
e-mail: sharbell@u.washington.edu

Ashley Johnson, Nutrition Education Assistant, works primarily in the Ocosta School District with the Food $ense Program teaching nutrition education. Ashley graduated from St. Helens High School, OR, and has two years towards her BS from BYU, Rexburg, ID. While she has lived in several western states, Ashley recently settled in the Westport area. e-mail: am.johnson@wsu.edu

Chris Koehler, Extension Faculty for Grays Harbor County providing programs in family relations, parenting, health and life skills.Chris received her BS in Social Work from Salem State College, and her MS in Home Economics from Arizona State University.
e-mail: koehler@wsu.edu

Nancy Ness, Coordinator for the Grays Harbor County Noxious Weed Control Board. Nancy administers the state's noxious weed law (RCW 17.10), provides weed identification, consultation and education to landowners, agencies and private industry.
e-mail: nancy.ness@wsu.edu

Rick Ogden, Weed Deputy for the Grays Harbor Noxious Weed Control Board, is responsible for minimizing weed invasion into the National Forest. Rick's work includes weed survey and control, and data reporting.

Kim Patten, Extension Specialist, Agricultural Researcher, and Associate Horticulturist, is located at WSU Long Beach Research and Extension Unit. His areas of expertise include cranberries, as well as spartina, and other aquatic nuisance species. He received a BS in Plant Science from University of California Davis, an MS in Horticulture from Iowa State University and a PhD in Horticulture from Washington State University. e-mail: pattenk@wsu.edu

Lucas Patzek, serves as an Agriculture Extension Educator in Thurston County. e-mail: lpatzek@wsu.edu

Sue Sparkman, Principal Assistant/Office Manager, is a Lewis County native, receiving an AA from Centralia College and a BA from Washington State University. In addition to her administrative responsibilities, she serves as the Food Safety & Preservation Information contact and assists with the Leadership Development Program . e-mail: ssparkman@wsu.edu

Dan Teuteberg, Interim Director of Grays Harbor County, is the Regional Specialist of 4-H Youth Development for Grays Harbor and Mason Counties. Drawing from the past experiences of being a teacher in Tennessee, adventure camp director in Wisconsin, and now a youth development educator in Washington, Dan brings a broad spectrum of knowledge and enthusiasm to the field of positive youth development. 
e-mail: dan.teuteberg@wsu.edu


Extension programs and employment are available to all without discrimination.

Evidence of noncompliance may be reported through your local Extension office. All programs comply with federal, state, and county regulations.

WSU Grays Harbor Extension provides educational programs to the people of Grays Harbor County,
based on community need, where education can make a difference.
Grays Harbor County Extension, P O Box 3018, Elma, WA 98541-3018, 360-482-2934, Contact Us